2021 Mustang Shelby GT350R Protected with XPEL PPF & Window Tint

2021 shelby gt350r full front ppf window tint

2021 Mustang Shelby GT350R

The 2021 Shelby Mustang GT350R is an instant classic. Its 526 horsepower Voodoo a 5.2-liter flat-plane crank V8 engine, track-focused suspension, and sticky Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires make the Shelby GT350R a force to be reckoned with on the track and street. However, before this GT350R could hit either one, it needed to be protected with XPEL PPF and window tint.

2021 shelby gt350r full front ppf window tint

We treated the famed Shelby GT350R with a full front ‘clear bra’ using self-healing ULTIMATE PLUS PPF and tinted its rear and side glass with UV protective PRIME XR PLUS window film. While the PPF works to prevent damage to the Mustang’s front end, PRIME XR PLUS will help keep harmful UV rays and uncomfortable infrared heat out of the interior.

2021 shelby gt350r full front ppf window tint

PRIME XR Plus window tint is designed to protect interiors against 99 percent of harmful UV rays. Moreover, XPEL tint helps increase interior comfort by deflecting 98 percent of infrared heat. Besides giving a vehicle an enhanced look, the dark tint does not affect outward visibility inside the vehicle. 

2021 shelby gt350r full front ppf window tint

ULTIMATE PLUS paint protection film is transparent and seemingly unnoticeable. It acts as a barrier between your vehicle’s paintwork and potential damage. In addition, its self-healing properties mean light damage to the film vanishes when exposed to direct sunlight. As a result, surface areas protected with PPF maintain a deep-gloss shine and no unsightly swirl marks. 

Need to Interior Protection Against the Sun? XPEL Can Help

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